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The Repugnant Conclusion and why it Violates our Moral Intuitions

The “repugnant conclusion” is an uncomfortable bit of philosophical reasoning first presented by Derek Parfit. For a detailed discussion of the repugnant conclusion, check out this article from Stanford philosophy. Here’s a quick summary. Consider a population where we can measure “well-being” which aggregates everything that makes life worth living into one, rolled-up measure. (People …

Coaching the Complicated vs Coaching the Complex

As coaches improve their skillset, they become more adept at pattern-matching and quickly being able to diagnose flaws in someone’s movement or approach to a training session They also develop more “soft skills” in communication, approaching clients, dealing with emotions, and generally navigating the interpersonal issues surrounding coaching. We often talk about “best practices” – …

South Loop Strength & Conditioning

This is a gym that I own in Chicago. If you want to do some exercise – particularly in the realm of CrossFit or weightlifting, give it a gander.

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Legion Strength & Conditioning

This is a company that I own specializing in individualized and custom programming for athletes – particularly those looking to compete in fitness. Check it out if you’re looking for a coach to take you to the next level.

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