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How do you expect things to work?

We recently had a discussion at the latest Chicago Rationality meet-up on Jonathan Schulz’s paper on WEIRD psychology – and its possible origins in the Catholic church banning kin marriage. At some point, Joseph Heinrich realized that huge volumes of social psychology research is conducted on volunteer university students at prestigious institutions. Sure, everyone can recognize …

Pseudoscience and Metaphorical Truth in Personality Modeling

I recently read a post on Steven Novella’s Neurologica blog about personality testing – and how it’s a bunch of pseudoscientific nonsense. I don’t disagree that a lot of personality testing is kind of bullshit, especially if you have some knowledge about the more evidence-based Five Factor model of personality (Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Neuroticism, Openness to Experience, …

South Loop Strength & Conditioning

This is a gym that I own in Chicago. If you want to do some exercise – particularly in the realm of CrossFit or weightlifting, give it a gander.

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Legion Strength & Conditioning

This is a company that I own specializing in individualized and custom programming for athletes – particularly those looking to compete in fitness. Check it out if you’re looking for a coach to take you to the next level.

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