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Jason Collins, PhD on Loss Aversion and Ergodicity Economics

People are predictably irrational, right? We have a poor intuitive understanding of statistics, we leap to drawing cause and effect relationships where none exist, we don’t understand exponential growth very well, and we gorge ourselves on junk food and junk television. We’re broken! While there are all kinds of quirks to our built-in reasoning hardware, …

Joshua Becker, PhD on on Polarization, Collective Intelligence & Social Tipping Points

It’s all over the news: We’re getting more and more polarized. People can’t even seem to agree on basic facts anymore. Politics are tearing this country apart. However, some of Joshua Becker’s recent research shows that – while polarization potentially makes things more difficult – people are still very capable of learning from each other …

Jason Crawford (The Roots of Progress)

“Progress” sounds like a good thing – in fact it’s almost embedded in the definition of the word. However, as a mad-at-the-world, angst-ridden teen, I was opposed to progress. Pretty funny how that works out. Jason Crawford has been studying the stories behind some of our most game-changing yet under-appreciated innovations like the bicycle, the …

South Loop Strength & Conditioning

This is a gym that I own in Chicago. If you want to do some exercise – particularly in the realm of CrossFit or weightlifting, give it a gander.

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Legion Strength & Conditioning

This is a company that I own specializing in individualized and custom programming for athletes – particularly those looking to compete in fitness. Check it out if you’re looking for a coach to take you to the next level.

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