Hello, thank you for being curious about me and welcome to my website.

In real life, I have a few activities that I engage in.

I own a gym called South Loop Strength & Conditioning.

I work with athletes remotely via Legion Strength & Conditioning.

I play in two bands – one is called Like Rats and the other is called Hate Force.

I made this website to facilitate my processes of consuming and synthesizing information – and really going on an extensive journey to find stuff out, reality-test my models of how the world works, and actively try to prove myself and my theories wrong. I was putting a lot of this stuff out on the South Loop Strength & Conditioning website, and it seemed kind of weird and didn’t really fit in with what we were doing there.

And, besides, people didn’t want to sign up for our newsletter because they thought they were going to start getting hit with all kinds of info on our “Member of the Month” or whatever dumb stuff gyms usually send out.

So, I do interviews with people who I think can teach me something – particularly related to understanding long-term progression and limiting factors and high-leverage activities in complex, emergent fields like fitness coaching, performance-based CrossFit coaching and business development.

I also do interviews with people who create art – well, mostly music – that I find “beautiful” (in a snobbish, “high art” sense) or interesting.

And, I share my thoughts that come from my obsessive and wide-ranging information consumption of podcasts, books, music, and documentaries, and how that information can result in practical application in the stuff that I’m working on. In this, I try to be a filter since – while the removal of many of the classic media gatekeepers has been a boon for independent creators – it has also resulted in a chaotic mess of noise in terms of the information that we consume.

I send out this stuff out a few times per month, and I include my own articles and podcasts when I release them.