Andy is one of the most talented musicians I know. Some people think of musical talent as a preternatural gift for shredding through neoclassical riffs on guitar or ripping through Chopin concertos as a pre-teen. In Andy’s case, this talent manifests itself as incredible taste and intuition for songwriting and audio production. When you hear a song written by Andy — whether it’s the, uh, powerviolence of Weekend Nachos or the alt rock throwback of Sourmouthyou know it’s an Andy song.

Fortunately, Andy gets to share his gift with others not just with his own music but through his work as a producer and audio engineer at Bricktop Recording.

I didn’t expect to make ill-founded quantum mechanics analogies with Andy in this conversation about songwriting, but that’s what happened.

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Show Notes:

  • [01:27] How Andy writes an album’s worth of songs every few months — across different genres
  • [11:46] The difference between “idea generation” and “idea editing” in songwriting
  • [23:19] How does Andy facilitate creativity in the studio while still keeping sessions on track?
  • [31:13] The difference between “producing” and “engineering”
  • [40:27] The value of a skilled editor in any creative endeavor. And, why it’s easier to edit other people’s work than your own.
  • [48:45] How to avoid getting too precious with your own creative ideas.
  • [54:29] Getting spacey with some theoretical physics analogies to songwriting
  • [01:07:54] How to learn more from Andy

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