Everyone has an opinion on programming and training for CrossFit.

Quibbles over the best ways to train are nothing new in any sport.

Let’s see how many different ways that people can argue over intensity vs volume in training protocols with a few Google searches.

“intensity vs volume CrossFit”

“intensity vs volume bodybuilding”

“intensity vs volume sprinting”

“intensity vs volume triathlon”

With all of these competing opinions out there, what’s a helpless, confused trainee to do?

At this point, most people training competitively for the sport of CrossFit have a coach – often one who either individualizes training for that athlete or who gives them templated training that multiple competitors of comparable skill levels (or many wannabe competitors) follow.

Most people training in CrossFit affiliates participate in group classes with programming designed for an avatar of a specific person – then either modified or scaled to enable each participant to get their training in.

Each of these training methods has trade-offs, and many coaches out there have strong opinions about which method is best. Problem is, most of these people have some sort of business incentive for pushing their favorite version of training – and a healthy dose of confirmation bias backing up their opinions.

On this episode of the SLSC podcast, Paul, Jon and Todd discuss the positives and negatives of different types of training, and also dive into how to truly individualize a training program for an athlete.

And, as it turns out, there is a bit of a business interest and confirmation bias present here as well, as Jon and Todd have an individualized training business called Legion that you can scope out if you’re interested in having a coach filter through all of the competing information out there and guide your training.

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Show Notes

  • [0:25] Intro
  • [1:25] Class programming vs. Individualized programming
  • [6:41] How do we write the class programming? What does that avatar look like?
  • [8:40] What are some of the major differences between class/individual programming?
  • [11:29] Catering to what athletes like and what they don’t like.
  • [16:46] Holding hands or flying free… How do coaches approach direction and encouragement.
  • [20:11] Sometime you have to walk away from you training day.
  • [22:03] Distinction between training in CrossFit and being a CrossFIt athlete.
  • [26:27] How to individualize programs and what that actually looks like.
  • [38:17] What makes a good individual coach/program?
  • [47:02] Can a coach be a good athlete?
  • [49:47] What does it actually mean to individualize?