You’d think that having the most successful food-based Kickstarter campaign of all time would be a great start.

But, Ricky Hirsch was disappointed in having raised only $57,000. He thought his product was so good that he was going to get millions.

Now, there’s something to be said for staying off of the hedonic treadmill and appreciating what you have. But, there’s also something to be said for hustle, pushing your limitations and boundaries, and getting out into the world and making things happen.

After spending some time in the financial industry and running a mortgage company leading into the economic destruction of 2008, Ricky started Think Jerky after playing around with some other ideas involving hot dogs, pastries, and juice (maybe not all at the same time though…)

What does it take to create a business from nothing? Is it just a great idea and endless hustle? From Ricky’s story, it seems that those things are necessary but insufficient.

Check out the full interview to discover:

  • How to start a business – even after the economy has taken you for a ride
  • How to match your vision with the existing marketplace
  • What work/life balance means to an entrepreneur
  • What challenges you face trying to grow a successful business to scale
  • What daily meditation can do for an ambitious and driven person

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Learn More About Ricky and Think Jerky

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Show Notes

  • [0:20] Introduction
  • [4:36] Why Kickstarter?
  • [5:42] What about your background led to Think Jerky?
  • [11:15] What was the initial vision for Think Jerky?
  • [12:58] Low sugar… Why does jerky need sugar?
  • [14:58] What has your involvement been in food culture, CrossFit, Farm to table…
  • [16:30] What did you initial pitch look like, how did that evolve?
  • [22:14] So demoing the product is the best way to get it in new customers hands?
  • [24:16] What does scaling look like for Think Jerky?
  • [28:26] What does the day-to-day look like for the Chicago Jerky King?
  • [34:25] What will enable you to grow the company?
  • [35:52] What does long term Think Jerky business look like?
  • [37:35] Tell me about the meditation practice.
  • [45:46] Work/life balance?
  • [47:37] What happens when you do reach stability in work/life?
  • [49:43] What didn’t we ask you that we should have?