Back in 2013, Mike Kesthely effectively closed Dynamic Nutrition down. He had consulted with several CrossFit Games level athletes on their nutrition and had lead nutrition seminars for OPEX (formerly OPT). However, his full-time job as a firefighter and the pending birth of his second child caused him to reevaluate his priorities.

Fast forward a few years, and Dynamic Nutrition has risen from the ashes. By bringing Jason Phillips onboard, Mike has re-energized his company and has expanded into supplementation, seminars, and group coaching in addition to the one-on-one consulting that he has always done.

He's still working with CrossFit Games athletes and he's still obsessively researching best practices in nutrition.

In this interview, learn how Mike runs his company (despite hating the business-side of things), how Mike sifts through the endless stream of information to provide the best coaching he can to his clients, and how he works with the best fitness athletes in the world on both a tactical and a strategic level.

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Show Notes

  • [0:14] Introduction of Mike Kesthely of Dynamic Nutrition
  • [7:30] Saving Dynamic Nutrition from death
  • [14:50] When did your mindset change towards keeping Dynamic Nutrition going?
  • [16:44] How do you make it work, being a fire fighter and running a business?
  • [22:05] What do you do for yourself to manage stress?
  • [26:14] Do you practice any mindfulness practices?
  • [28:34] You seem obsessive with your research, Why?
  • [35:07] How do you manage using PubMed?
  • [40:20] What is your framework for looking at the stresses people apply to themselves?
  • [43:49] How do you track stress with clients?
  • [53:59] How do you handle athletes that possibly have issues caused by stress/over-training/over-reaching?
  • [1:00:00] Let's talk supplements.
  • [1:18:00] Wrap up and information on seminar in Chicago, IL.