Some people seem to have an insatiable, irrepressible, uncontainable urge and desire to create.

My friend Shawn fits into that category.

We spend some time discussing where that urge comes from, but the reality is that neither of us really knows.

But something is certainly driving Shawn, since he’s on tour all the time with Child Bite, puts on an annual festival in Detroit, organizes Samhain tribute compilations, designs tour posters and album artwork, and works a graphic design job in corporate America.

Check out this conversation with Shawn to hear:

  • What it was like being Wes Borland from Limp Bizkit’s first recording project
  • What it was like to get a cease and desist letter from one of your musical heroes
  • The trials and tribulations of organizing a multi-year music festival – and why he keeps deciding to do it again

NOTE: We recorded this podcast in the green room at The Empty Bottle, and part of the recording features Unsane sound-checking. I did some editing to make this less distracting, but apologies for the background noise.

Listen Here

Check out more from Shawn, Child Bite & Berserker Fest

And, check out WE ALL WANT OUR TIME IN HELL – the Samhain tribute comp Shawn put together. All the records are sold out, but bands do still have copies. If you want one, reach out to me directly since Like Rats has copies left.

We All Want Our Time In Hell Limited Edition Samhain Tribute Featuring Ghoul, Brain Tentacles, Midnight, Child Bite, And More To See Release Via Corpse Flower Records; Teaser Video Posted + Preorders Available

Show Notes

  • [01:04] Does Child Bite sound like The Jesus Lizard on purpose? –And being the “odd band out” on most shows.
  • [05:57] The beginnings of Child Bite as part of a collective of Detroit weirdos
  • [14:53] Where do the creative impulse and the impulse to share come from?
  • [18:33] Experiments with living in a tiny house.
  • [26:44] What is the creative vision for Child Bite and how does the writing process work?
  • [34:45] Recording with Wes Borland from Limp Bizkit
  • [40:55] What’s going on with Berserker Fest?
  • [57:48] The creation of We All Want Our Time in Hell” – a Samhain tribute compilation – and receiving a cease and desist letter from Danzig”
  • [01:08:27] Where to find out more about Child Bite and Berserker Fest

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