My first memory of Stefi is her asking me after a CrossFit class what she needed to do to get a muscle-up – and being obviously and almost uncomfortably intense about her desire to get on top of a set of rings.

It seems that this extreme internal drive for success has served her well, as she is now setting world records in powerlifting.

Stefi used to coach weightlifting at SLSC during some of the dark times when there were basically no members and there was a giant bulldozer in the gym. We had fun, though.

Stefi is currently pursuing a doctorate in physical therapy at the University of Miami, and is back in Chicago doing some clinical rotations. So, her understanding of training isn’t colored simply by powerlifting – she has backgrounds in a wide variety of sports (including soccer at the national team level in Venezuela) and rehab.

In this conversation, we discuss screaming at walls as a childhood Scientologist, autoregulation in training, and holding onto perceived slights to motivate yourself in training.

Oh yeah, and here’s that video of Stefi’s 525 pound deadlift.

240kg/525lbs PR #roadto600 #thelimitdoesnotexist 123lb bw . The seminar @solacenewyork was litttttt. Thank you @oakstrong and @larrywheels for coming to support and @kennysantucci, @jenwiderstrom for putting up such an awesome event!!! Love you all! . @hybridperformancemethod

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