John Wooley, from the regularly hysterical CrossFit satire account @makewodsgreatagain, wrote a thoughtful response disagreeing with my claim that CrossFit gyms are not essential.

I figured it would be interesting to have a recorded conversation where we hash out where we agree and where we disagree. While John and I don’t completely agree on everything, I think this is a complicated, nuanced issue, and working it out in public is hopefully helpful to some people.

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Show Notes:

  • [0:47] Quick summary of Todd’s op ed – and the ensuing controversy
  • [3:29] John’s take on my article: What should and shouldn’t be considered an essential business? Also, John’s family’s background with CrossFit.
  • [15:50] How are we defining “essential?” What are regulators thinking about when deciding what should and shouldn’t be considered “essential?”
  • [27:30] How should we think about the trade-offs between the negative impacts of chronic disease vs the negative impacts of a spreading pandemic?
  • [35:50] What do gym owners need to be thinking about as different states start to reopen? What is the potential downside risk of opening early? How can we prevent a second wave of infections and economic shutdowns?
  • [45:49] What will be the role of ongoing government regulations?  What will the regulatory burden be on smaller gyms?
  • [54:20] How will members be thinking about getting back into the gym?
  • [01:05:40] The social dynamics of getting roasted online

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