In addition to being a five times CrossFit Games competitor (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015) with two top ten finishes, Elisabeth Akinwale is a mother and a former social worker.

Elisabeth is very self-aware and articulate about her experiences competing, coaching (in her new role as head coach at Brick Chicago) and balancing priorities in her life.

She has a lot of insight into the mental edge of competition (it's not just always about pushing harder) as well as the psychology behind motivation, accountability and game day performance.

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Show Notes

  • [0:00] Introduction
  • [1:02] New life as Head Coach at Brick Chicago
  • [4:21] Working with Chad Vaughn
  • [7:28] How do you deal with the mental chatter?
  • [10:47] Do you purposely attempt to detach from performance with outcome?
  • [14:24] Do you have a mindfulness practice?
  • [21:31] Background as a social worker and application of those skills within the coaching setting.
  • [31:24] What does your conditioning look like right now?
  • [38:37] The glamor of being a professional athlete may not be what you think it is.
  • [41:21] Where do people go to find out more information on Brick Chicago and your seminars?