It’s no secret that I’ve been roasting a bunch of fluffy “mental toughness” content on the e-mail list recently. (You’re not signed up, you say? Well, fix that by filling out the link below this post or on the sidebar if you’re not using mobile.)

So, what am I doing talking to Michael Cazayoux about mindset?

Well, aside from wanting to have a conversation with a fellow with such an impressive pedigree – co-founder of Brute Strength and host of its eponymous podcast, president of Working Against Gravity, and 2012 and 2013 CrossFit Games Champion as part of Hack’s Pack – I wanted to clarify my own thinking on the topic.

Michael has a lot to say about mindset – both from his history in counseling and treatment from addiction as well as his current path in terms of developing an internal training program for the staff at Working Against Gravity.

This is not just aimless #fitspo. These are strategies that Michael has used to develop comfort with vulnerability and improve his own mental resilience.

Check out the full conversation with Michael to learn:

  • How to prioritize the things that matter most – and how Michael has learned to recognize the true cost of saying “yes” to too many things
  • How the cultural norm of the “strong and silent” male is unhealthy – and how to learn to feel your emotions and authentically express yourself
  • How goal setting requires “crystal clear” metrics – and how to balance focus on an outcome without emotional attachment to a specific result
  • The value of personal development and “deep work” – and how to create true behavior change through accountability and being part of a culture with values that you want to emulate (like at Working Against Gravity for example…)

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Show Notes

  • [2:20] How podcasts facilitate having deep conversations – and how Michael brings that curiosity to his every day interactions. Plus: reframing small talk.
  • [8:22] The importance of prioritizing and saying “no” to things, and how to make room for (and actually schedule) the things that really matter to you. And, how to figure out what matters to you by being crystal clear on your personal values – and what people you want to spend time with and what activities you want to spend time doing.
  • [16:43] How to learn to recognize your own emotions and utilize those to develop your priorities. And how Michael used group therapy in his rehab process to build self-awareness – and how he learned to dismiss the negative cultural role models of quiet gruff men who are out of touch with their emotions.
  • [24:52] The need for defining specific and measurable goals, and the formula of breaking down a long-term goal into sub-goals and processes that make it “inevitable” to achieve that outcome.
  • [30:40] The importance of picking a goal that gives you a certain amount of pleasure, and the fallacy of “falling [totally] in love with the journey.” And how to focus on a specific on a specific outcome without becoming emotionally dependent upon achieving those results.
  • [37:44] Rolling out a personal development program for the staff at Working Against Gravity – and getting real buy-in and accountability for behavior change (rather than just having people treat the concepts as “motivational quotes”)
  • [41:55] Committing to truly sharing emotions in group therapy, and the value in being authentic in expressing emotions – and Michael’s history of walling himself off from others during his addiction
  • [49:19] Being surrounded with other people who are into self-development and getting spacey with the Barbell Shrugged guys and Angelo Sisco. And how diving into your past and looking at what your faults are “will naturally and quickly improve your mindset tenfold.”
  • [01:00:14] How the Brute Strength Podcast both builds trust with Michael’s audience – and how it facilitates having deep discussions with thought leaders

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