They’re all grown up.

Austin and Megan have both spent significant amounts of time at South Loop Strength & Conditioning as both athletes and coaches, and – last year after competing at the Central Regional – they’ve moved out to Scottsdale, Arizona to be part of OPEX‘s sponsored athlete program.

The goal of this program is to allow athletes to train full-time – and not have to worry about coaching classes, working a day job, or running from gym to gym throughout the day. Getting better in training is all about maximizing your ability to respond and adapt to stressors – which means minimizing the stress in your life outside of the gym.

Check this episode out to learn how Megan and Austin have learned to trust the coaching process (and avoid self-doubt and constant questioning of what they’re doing), what they do to prioritize their recovery outside of the gym, and how they approach the mental grind of training on a daily basis.

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Show Notes

  • [3:12] What is the OPEX Athlete program? What does it look like to professionalize the process of training for the sport of CrossFit?
  • [7:45] Transitioning from a remote coaching relationship to working with a coach on the floor – and how to accept constant feedback and what could be perceived as criticism
  • [14:06] The dynamics of being around so many high level athletes. How do you stop yourself from just constantly doing more training?
  • [24:30] Balancing external stressors and finding your own personal “why” – and what do Austin and Megan actually think about during tough sessions?
  • [30:50] A slight SD card error – and how to be consistent over tie. What personality traits correlate with maximizing time spent outside of the gym, and how do you make decisions on what to prioritize as far as recovery and stress management?
  • [38:53] What is the biggest learning you’ve had from having a coach watching you on the gym floor?
  • [42:30] Competing for Instagram followers
  • [45:51] What does prepping for the Open look like? How do you maintain a culture with a healthy competitiveness amongst so many elite athletes without them starting to bicker and cut each other down?
  • [56:00] How do you handle the pressure to succeed during the Open – and how do you prepare emotionally for the stress that will come during the Open?