As a strength & conditioning coach, I've received some of the best continuing education by playing around in areas that I don't belong in. Courses geared more towards physical therapists like DNS, the SFMA, and Sahrmann's courses on Movement System Impairment Syndromes have profoundly impacted how I look at coaching and movement.

Joe Heiler has spent the last several years interviewing these folks and making these conversations available on his site

This time, we turn the tables on Joe and learn how and why he started Sports Rehab Expert, how he accumulated such an all-star line-up of interview guests, and how he integrates all of the different approaches discussed on his site into his own practice – Elite Physical Therapy located in Traverse City Michigan.

I had a great time with this conversation, since I'm a continuing education junky and I'm always curious how people decide which pieces of knowledge to pursue, which pieces to integrate, and which to discard.

Joe has spent countless hours supplementing his own knowledge with these expert conversations while still practicing himself as a physical therapist and integrating all of these pieces into his own work with patients.

This process is applicable not just to physical therapy, but to anything where there's a blend between tacit and explicit knowledge required to execute at a high level.

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Here's a great interview that Joe Heiler did with Gray Cook on how Gray practices in his own facility:

Show Notes

  • [0:39] Introduction of Joe Heiler
  • [4:02] How do you prioritize what information you want to consume?
  • [9:10] How do you decide when you can use a certain protocol to fit your model?
  • [10:59] What is your process for getting what you want from a client?
  • [15:05] What are you thoughts on figuring out different types of mobility issues?
  • [17:55] How to get people to adopt new movement strategies at high intensity or max loads?
  • [24:51] How do you get buy-in when someone pushes back?
  • [27:28] What does a typical week look like for Joe Heiler?
  • [31:24] Using the SFMA in practice.
  • [34:41] What led to the start of
  • [37:16] How did the interviews start?
  • [40:26] What are some of the under appreciated interviews on the site?
  • [45:04] What business lessons have you learned between the site and the PT practice?
  • [47:30] How do you educate people on the value of a PT professional?
  • [52:25] Where can people find out more about the site and Joe?